We have implemented strict controls to maintain the necessary social distancing and hygiene in the workplace. We have also implemented touchless payment options. We are still accepting new customers and still working during this time. 



Filters only remove solid particles from swimming pool water. They generally cannot remove dissolved contaminants, such as; oils, bacterias or disease-causing pathogens. 

To ensure your family is swimming safely in your pool this season, PPS uses Riptide's 60 - 100 micron debris bags. These will ensure even the smallest bacteria and contaminants are removed from your pool.

PPS and the Riptide System will also ensure a longer life for your filter. Utilizing this vacuuming system will result in less filter changes, as well as less cost to you to repair any filter damage due to large debris and solid particles. 

Riptide Pool Vacuum Debris Pickup Demonstration 

Benefits of Professional Pool Maintenance

Your pool should be a clean, safe and beautiful place to spend time with your family and friends. When you work with the PPS Team to maintain your pool, you'll enjoy the benefits of a picture-perfect pool without needing to dedicate your free time to pool care or cleaning. Proper pool care requires the right tools for the job, and PPS is sure to use only the best. The PPS Team will bring the tools needed to maintain your pool, so you won't have to worry about purchasing or storing this equipment at your home. Pool care involves much more than simply maintaining - the PPS Team will also check for pool damage or leaves, as well as the pool's filter and plumbing equipment, so you can be sure that your pool is safe and problem free at all times. When you hire the PPS Team to handle your pool care, you can enjoy more free time in your own personal schedule.